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VitaStrand Kids Vitamins

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ANIMAL SHAPED FORM: 120 Chewable tablets

Product Information

FORM: 120 Chewable tablets


Essential for healthy growth and development.
Essential for developing immune and hormonal systems.
Essential for hair, bone, and teeth development.

Buy Kids VitaStrand

Mikal Clay Products offers VitaStrand Kids chewable multi vitamin product, Part 1 of the Growth Support System geared at not only healthy hair, but healthy body too! It is very important that the nutrients that are found in VitaStrand Kids chewable vitamins be a part of your young family’s daily nutritional intake because it sets the stage for a long and healthy life.

VitaStrand Kids chewable vitamin tablets have been formulated for kids that are two years of age and older. These great tasting chewable multivitamin tablets make nutrition fun! They are loaded with the essential nutrients that help to sustain their growth and development in the early years, which have been found to be lacking in so many young children’s diets these days. Our chewable is rich in antioxidant factors, beta carotene (pro-vitamin A) and Vitamin A. They are available in a berry flavor that children will ask you for again and again.

All parents take their children’s nutrition seriously, this is why they appreciate our natural formulated chewable. Good nutrition and health should begin at the youngest stages of life, and these habits should be sustained throughout life into their golden years. If your children learn how important these nutrients are when they are young, and develop the habit of taking a supplement every day, they may live longer healthier lives! Children in particular have special dietary needs, because of the speed at which they grow and develop in all areas including their bones, teeth, hair and hormonal systems. Give your children a great nutritional foundation with VitaStrand Kids vitamin and mineral supplements everyday!

Note: All supplements should be kept out of the reach of small children. They are not meant to be eaten like candy.†


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