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Frequently Asked Questions

Product Information

Q. Are your products just for “black hair”?

A. No, Products by Mikal Clay are formulated for all hair types. These All natural products don’t identify race. They identify hair. When you eat a steak, the protein isn’t gender or race conscience. Its body conscience! Only when you are purchasing different styling aids does it matter. This is because of different PH between coarse and straight hair.

Q. How long before I notice a change for the better in my hair.

A. Most people (when using at minimum) the VitaStrand Thrust combination, notice a great improvement in growth, thickness, and new growth in slow-no growth areas in as little as 30 days. Keep in mind that VitaStrand has a 2-month supply in each bottle. Some have notice results in as little as 2 WEEKS! Remember the products don’t work in your medicine cabinet.

Q. Should I still take my multivitamins with VitaStrand?

A. No, VitaStrand has balance of 100% of your recommended daily allowance of vitamins, minerals, Amino acids and natural herbs. This all you need for your hair and your health.

Q. I have a child whose hair has broken off from using chemicals, and her hair doesn’t grow that fast. How old do they have to be to take the vitamins and will your product line work for children?

A. Children can benefit from the Vitamins starting at age 10 or 75 pounds. Under that age you can Give them 1 vitamin daily.
I would also recommend substituting water over soda daily.
I know its But give them 3 glasses of water per 1 soda. Dryness
in hair and skin come from lack of water. In Addition water (Hydrogen, and Oxygen) make up 2 of the 5 elements in hair.

Q. I am on blood pressure medication, will VitaStrand interfere with my medication.

A. Like I have told over 50 people you can copy the formula off of the site and have your doctor Help you with your decision. I am happy to say that all of the people who have asked their doctors. Their doctors not only recommended the products, they have purchased them.

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